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LogTag Analyser software provides an easy to use powerful platform for configuring any LogTag recorder product before deployment and for data analysis when the recorder is retrieved.

Software features Include:

  • Automatic download of data when a new LogTag is inserted into an interface.
  • Supports multiple interfaces thereby allow multiple downloads and batch configuring of LogTags.
  • Display & printing of data in Chart, list or summary form.
  • Displaying multiple LogTag data on the same chart graph.
  • Saving downloaded LogTag data to file, retrieving previously filed LogTag data for review and email forwarding of data.
  • Automatic e-mailing to multiple recipients and automatic uploading of logger data to FTP sites for collation and review.
  • Support for Digital Signatures specifically in compliance to FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
  • Microsoft WHQL Certified and digitally signed USB drivers.
  • LogTag Analyzer is compatible with Windows 7 (32 & 64bit), Windows Vista (32 & 64bit) , Windows XP (32& 64bit) & Windows 2000..


  • Chart example
  • Zoom example
  • Configure example
  • Chart annotations
  • Multichart1
  • Multichart2

In default configuration, LogTag Analyzer will display downloaded or file opened data as a chart.
The red colour area represents the region above the configured upper alert limit.
The blue colour area area is the region below the lower alert limit and the green is the 'OK' region in between.

LogTag Analyzer Software

Zooming into an area of interest on the chart ..

LogTag Analyzer Software


LogTag Analyzer Software

Example configuration screen for HAXO-8 is shown below.

LogTag Software

Annotations can be easily added to a Chart ..

LogTag Software

Charting multi Logtag data on a single chart is a useful tool for comparison analysis ..

LogTag Software

Multi-Chart example with two Humidity & Temperature recorders ..

LogTag Software‚Äč